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Become a Touristdoc partner by joing with your practice and receive tourists with our service and create additional income.

Partner possibilities:

TouristDoc offers a 24/7 ‘doctor on call emergency’ service. One of our qualified GPs is on call every day and night. If you require a doctor for one of your guests, just call us and you will  get straight through to the doctor. For a more intensive cooperation, become a Touristdoc partner. Contact us for more information

Select your own times to receive clients;

Opt-in or opt-out with on-site consultatations

Automated payments

Make your practice accessible for tourists and expats

What do we do we offer

If you join with your clinic we will prepare and make a couple of things to make it posible that you can receive tourists and get enough tourists because of our combined effors with regards to marketing and exposure. This all combined with the possibility for you as a doctor and clinic to be as flexible as you want. .

Additional income while having flexibility

Touristdoc wants to give clincs that join our network the complete freedom in receiving tourists and expats. We give you all the tools to easily manage tourist requests and having an additional income without doing a lot of extra work. Our whole process is automated but it’s possible to manually change information or preferences. While joining Touristdoc every clinic gets a personalized dashboard to make these manual changes:

– Place or update information about your staff
– Manage opening times and addres information
– Opt-in or opt-out for several services from Touristdoc

App, website and marketing campaign

When you signup for joining our network you as a clinic get the following tools to help tourists and expats. With the tools you can save time and also use this for your clients if you like to. We deliver you the following tools when linking to our network:

– iOS and Android app
– Own website for clinic
– Setting up and maintaining a
marketing campaign for your clinic

All these tools are delivered for free and we take a small commission fee for every consult that comes via our platform.

Work with guest doctors and abroad

The network of Touristdoc is broad and by joining our network you can work with guest doctors from other countries and work abroad by opt-in or opt-out the functionality of Touristdoc. Have the ability to work abroad and having more diverse work. Also the possibility to help persons that speak your language in other countries via our e-consult solutions.

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