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TouristDoc offers a 24/7 ‘doctor on call’ emergency service. For hospitality partners we deliver additional services.  Want to become a Touristdoc partner?  Contact us for more information.

TouristDoc for Hotels, hubs and conference centers

If your hotel, conference center or small airport hub/harbour requires a ‘doctor on call,’ Touristdoc can provide that service for you. Give your guests more peace of mind, knowing that if they become ill or suffer a minor fall or accident at any time during their stay, day or night. you can make a single phone call to secure the care they need in a language they understand.

Until now, options have been limited to either a nearby hospital or calling 112 – either way your guest may spend several hours waiting for a medical diagnosis and treatment for non-emergency, urgent care. Inconvenient, uncomfortable for them, and often very expensive.

How useful would it be to have a ‘Doctor on Call’ 24 hours a day?
We offer a 24/7 urgent care service. One of our qualified GPs is always on call. If you require a doctor for one of your guests, just call us and you will get straight through to the doctor.

Business travelers in particular greatly value the convenience and peace of mind this service offers – easy, accessible and affordable health care in their own language and comfortable surroundings. Touristdoc partners are official organizations or hotels within the city for which we provide service. Together with our Touristdoc partners we look after the well being of their guests.

If you want to designate Touristdoc as your preferred medical supplier please send us an email

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For commercial partners we offer the possibility to use our app. Commercial partners can schedule appointments for your clients and get an overview of available doctors right in the app. It is also possible to place a healthcare widget on your website that instantly accesses Touristdoc. With this healthcare widget your clients can directly call us or book an appointment from your website in addition to our own. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call. 
Our app is currently under development, but it is possible to sign up below for our beta phase of the Touristdoc app. 

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    Becoming a Touristdoc partner

    Touristdoc offers a great 24/7 professional medical service. One of our qualified doctors is on call every day and night. Provide your guests urgent medical service with a single phone call or click on our app.

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    Not an emergency but a question? Don’t hesitate to contact usCall a doctor: +3120-2624282  

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