Our fees will always be cheaper than hospital rates and with an option for reimbursement by your health insurance.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on NZA regulation

Our fee will always be cheaper than hospital rates. Most insurance companies will cover the costs. Our doctor will provide a detailed invoice for reimbursement by your health insurance.

Questions regarding the rates? Please contact us.

Fees in Amsterdam

  • Hotel / AirBnB / Home / (Cruise)ship visit – Starting from € 124,86 (including prescription if needed)
  • Medication Renewal/Telephone Consultation – € 23,94 (no new medication)

Payments are to be made directly after the consultation. This can be done by creditcard (additional fee of €5,00) or cash. In Utrecht it is not yet possible to pay by cash, only by creditcard. Our doctor will provide an invoice for reimbursement

Reimbursement & additional services

A detailed receipt for submission to your insurance company will be provided with the consultation. All major insurance companies will reimburse our services.

A follow-up telephone consultation for the same illness within a 1-week period is provided at no additional charge. Any questions regarding the fees? See the frequently asked questions or contact us via e-mail.

Contact Touristdoc

Not an emergency but a question? Don’t hesitate to contact usCall a doctor: +3120-2624282  

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