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GPs on demand for tourists and passers-by It is often difficult for tourists and passers-by to find a general practitioner. Often they have no idea which practices have time to see them, or that it is possible to request a visit in the Netherlands. In areas or cities where there are many tourists, there is often a great deal of pressure on primary care, first aid and ambulance. This often causes frustration for both patients and care providers.

Touristdoc is a platform on which patients without Dutch health insurance and also Dutch passers-by can quickly find a doctor. Patients can request a consultation or visit via the website or app. A doctor who is in the neighborhood, or has a spot free during his consultation, receives a notification and can then take the request and make direct contact with the patient. There are no obligations associated with your registration as a general practitioner. You can turn off the notifications and you are never obliged to honor an application. You can specify the radius within which you want to receive a notification.

Your registration is also free of charge. The earnings for you as a general practitioner are good, especially if you are also prepared to take visites or to take a consultation outside office hours.

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