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The Touristdoc team consists out of medical professionals in Amsterdam aand Utrecht. All of our team members are multilingual and have broad experience in the medial field. We focus on your well being and because of our service at home, hotel or Airbnb we help you in an area you know.

For general practioners

Do you want to get experience abroad or in general as a doctor, join our Touristdoc network.

For healthcare practices

By joining our network yourheathcare practive can get additional clients and income while spending less time due to our automated process.

For hotels/treval organizations

Hospitally is key to your success and we help you by providing your guests with our excelent healthcare sevices in case of sickness or health related questions.

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Verifying your registration

The data you filled in will be verified by our team and you can start working after approval.

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Personalize your profile by setting up timeschedules when you should receive notifications or respond to requests.

We make it easy for you as a doctor or clinic


With our app you can manage your time that you’re available for clients. And you can select requests that are available based on your criteria and location.

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Join our Touristdoc network

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