Our Apps

Check our apps that makes it possible to receive consults and manage your Touristdoc account.

Our Apps

iOS app

For managing consults and outstanding requests. 

Android app

In development. 

Backoffice app

Backoffice app for managing consults and registrations. 


Touristdoc wants to give clinics that join our network the complete freedom in receving tourists and expats. We give you all the tools to easuily manage tourist requests and having an additional income without doing a lot of extra work. Our while process is automated but it’s possible to manually change information or preferences. White joining Touristdoc every clinic gets a personalized dashboard to make these manual changes:

– Place or update information about your staff
– Manage opning times and addess information
– Opt-in or otp-out several from Touristdoc

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If you have difficulties with one of our apps, contact us by filling out this form.

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