Before you can do an internship with us or want to work with us, we always schedule an interview with you to see if we can be a match for each other. Take into account an interview of 30 to 45 minutes which we will schedule via Zoom or Teams.

Preparation for interview

    First name(s)

    Last name

    Which languages do you speak and in case of multiple languages, separate the languages with a comma

    Email address

    Phone number with country code

    Indicate which communication apps you use, for example: Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or others and which one you prefer

    What are your strong points?

    What are areas for improvement you would like to work on?

    You agree that we will record the interview and show your resume in combination with the video to the decision-makers in the Touristdoc organization

    You are open to work with people of other cultures or orientations without prejudice and with respect

    You are open to sign our NDA and other contracts

    You are open to being evaluated on a weekly basis

    Would you be open to collaborate in joint projects with another healthcare partners of ours and if so can we share your CV with them?

    May we share your CV with our other partners if we cannot be a match to see if you can work at one of our partners

    Fill in your details

    After you have completed this form, we will review the information and schedule the interview.

    Verifying your data and agreements

    During the interview we will ask questions about the information in your CV, the questions on the form, your personal situation and overall work motivation.

    Setting up

    At the moment everyone at us works remotely and when you have passed the application procedure we will prepare your remote desk. If you have not passed our application procedure or if changes have taken place on our side, we can offer your CV to our other healthcare partners.

    Start working

    Working at Touristdoc is task oriented with regular evaluation and you are free to set your own working hours as long as the deadlines are met.