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    For general practitioners and practices.


    Tourisdoc is a platform ideally for general practitioners and practices. Register for free via our app or website and have the ability to receive patiens withour Dutch health insurance, as wel as Dutch travelers.

    A doctor who is in the neighborhood, or has an opening during consulation, receives a notification and can make direct contact with the patient. There are no ablogations associated with your registration as a general practitioner. You can turn off the notifications and you are never obligared to honor an application. You can specify the radius within which you want to receive a notification to keep travel to times low

    Also business developers and travel organizations.


    Grow together with the Touristdoc platform as business developer. In the rol of busines developer the tasks are to partner with hotel chains and developing new markets that will enhance the business. Working on medical care on demand for busuness travelers, tourists and any one that want medical care on demand. Making it easy to find a doctor for clients outside of a Hopital Emergency Room that will take appointments, speak the correct language and provide documentation for insurance reimburse-ment. Connect to hotel (chains) and organisation to give them a medical solution for their clients and guests.

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    Verifying your registration

    The data you filled in will be verified by our team and you can start working after approval.

    Setup your profile

    Personalize your profile by setting up timeschedules when you should receive notifications or respond to requests.

    We support everywhere in the Netherlands


    Touristdoc is available everywhere in the Netherlands and therefore it’s possible for doctors and practices to join in every corner of the Netherlands.

    In bigger cities the app makes groups of doctors that can assist each other and in smaller villages or cities a single doctor can become the ambassador of the region.

    We make it easy for you as a doctor or clinic


    With our app you can manage your time that you’re available for clients. And you can select requests that are available based on your criteria and location.

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    Peter van Ommeren


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    Joep Schats