Partnerships for the tourism and leisure industry

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Touristdoc is looking for partners to work with us in providing excellent medical care and hospitality to customers. Partners from the tourism industry are welcome, as well as other industries that require on-site care. Upon entering into a partnership with us, you will receive a permanent contact and direct links so that care can be delivered quickly and adequately. We can also place widgets for websites (partners) so that visitors can place requests directly.

We are also looking for interns or students to complete a final thesis. Students wishing to take part in an internship at our main location in Amsterdam can also fill in the form below, and we will contact you promptly.

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    To work with Touristdoc, you must complete these tasks in the following order:
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    2. Preparation for interview
    If you are selected to work with us after the interview, the contracts below must be completed and signed:
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    Verifying your data and agreements

    When all contracts are completed, we will check them and start the onboarding process.

    Working with us

    After the onboarding process you can start working with us and you will get a permanent contact person.

    Evaluations to improve ourselves

    While working at Touristdoc, we regularly carry out evaluations to better learn from each other and improve our work so that we can get even more out of Touristdoc.


    Cooperation and compatibility is essential to the continued growth of both Touristdoc and our partners. We are open to working with any kind of business, and some of the main roles within our network are explained below.


    If you have a website or store that receives many international visitors, you can choose to become an ambassador by placing a widget or information board from us. This way, visitors know where to go to receive medical assistance.

    Travel Organizations

    It is useful for travel companies to have a permanent contact in certain areas to handle medical matters that are not life-threatening. We can take care of this at all of our locations to ensure that you as a travel organization can offer the best possible travel experience.


    We provide a partnership with hotels that, in addition to forwarding customers, also provide advice and training. In such a way, a team can mean more than usual when there is a demand from hotel guests. We always want to work with a hotel on improvements in this area so that hospitality is maximized.

    Business Development and Sales Partners

    Companies in sales, marketing, and other sectors, as well as independent entrepreneurs, are encouraged to work with us to expand your client base and network. Sales partners have many options in how they can work with us. Partners can set up different Touristdoc locations to manage and contribute to innovation and expansion of our services. As a partner you can indicate at which locations you want to be active, whereby we agree on a division of tasks and committee. There are two options for working with us: as a cooperation partner, where decisions are made jointly between you and us, or as an independent franchisee, where you can determine your own policies. You only have to pay a fixed price for using the platform per consultation.

    The tasks that you can choose to take on as a partner, among other things, include:

    1. Searching for doctors and/or hotels in a specific location
    2. Managing local websites
    3. Maintaining relationships with doctors and/or hotels
    4. Improving upon our current services and products
    5. Developing new products or services together


    Touristdoc welcomes interns seeking to gain experience within the dynamic tourism industry at our challenging and young organization. Touristdoc offers a complete online internship. This allows you to learn and work remotely where you can work anywhere and at flexible times. We are regularly looking for interns in the field of marketing and sales, as well as data analysis and web development. We work together with Sage Corps and you can register with that organization to do an internship with us. Or fill in the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible.